Jul 24, 2016

Matzo Musings

This past Pesach season I saw in the store gluten-free "matzo" squares - i.e. something that looks like matzo but isn't for the gluten free crowd who misses their matzo. Not approved for Seder use though. And I didn't try them so I have no idea what they taste like but they seem to be made of similar ingredients as many other Pesach products such as tapioca.

 There were also several matzo products labeled organic this year. I am not endorsing this officially but I did buy some especially after the holiday when they were cheaper. One person commented to me that matzo and matzo meal are already organic enough for her. Use at your discretion because not everything labeled organic actually is, and even if it is it's not necessarily 100%. Plus there are many products that don't get the organic certification for various reasons but they may be quality products from good sources. That information is from the Annemarie Skin Care list http://annmariegianni.com I am not endorsing their products officially as I have yet to try them but it seemed to be a good practical tip. 

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