Jul 24, 2016

Bone Broth Continued

This week we didn't make dafina however we had already defrosted half a pack of meat so my husband made a very lovely meat dish with that and some vegetables and left it on low overnight. We used to eat our Friday night chicken soup with a chicken breast in, sometimes on the bone, sometimes not. But since hearing about the benefits of "bone broth" and specifically dark meat, we now use a thigh/drumstick in the soup to hopefully reap said benefits. We also add mushrooms to it as well as a turnip or parsnip and carrots. Then we put tarragon, dill, turmeric and paprika as well as a bit of black pepper and a couple of bay leaves in it. We enjoy it with matzo balls or knaidlach - not from a mix, which sometimes contain MSG. But it's made easily from matzo meal. However that is optional especially for people avoiding wheat or gluten. 

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