Nov 30, 2018

Charcoal while taking antibiotics study

"Antibiotics can save your life, but they can also mess up your microbiome. A special formulation of activated charcoal could help, protecting your body from the side effects of antibiotics, and perhaps even aiding the fight against antibiotic resistance." 

Aug 12, 2018

Activated charcoal for mold detox

"Activated charcoal (AKA activated carbon or AC) is one of the secret weapon supplements my family takes as part of our mold and detox protocol. I have discovered over the course of my extensive research and my own personal experience that it is simply one of the best natural filters and detoxifying agents known to human kind."
"Activated charcoal effectively adsorb pesticides, environmental hydrocarbons, pharmaceutical agents, mycotoxins, phytotoxins, feed additives, antibacterials and most bacterial toxins (Buck and Bratich, 1986). AC successfully treated a variety of toxicity problems in ruminants (Buck and Bratich, 1986; Bisson et al., 2001; Banner et al., 2000; Poage et al., 2000) and bacterial toxins (Buck and Bratich, 1986)."

Jul 5, 2018

Natural Treatment For Depression: Bentonite Clay Poultice Recipe

Natural Treatment For Depression: Bentonite Clay Poultice Recipe: Bentonite clay is a type of clay that's commonly used for detoxification because its electrical charge pulls toxins out of the body. Pro...