Jul 24, 2016

Is your Mother’s Chulent a Superfood?

Ashkenazim call it Chulent, Morrocan Jews eat Dafina or Schena, Syrian Jews call it Chamin. It’s that delicious weekly Shabbat food that traditional Jews have been eating for thousands of years. It’s a mix of whole foods like beans, grains, meat and bones that cooks overnight from friday afternoon and eaten hot on Saturday for Shabbat lunch.

We add eggs to our Dafina, a soupy mix of potatoes, chickpeas and meat with bones. My wife has her own heavenly version... she adds turnips, sweet potatoes, turmeric and cayenne. Spicy and yummy!

Now hear this… nutritional experts are discovering the many health benefits of Bone broth. Some even sell it as a nutritional supplement in powder form. My naturopath makes his own organic Kosher bone broth and freezes batches for later use as soup stock. He tells me it does wonders for your gut flora.

Here are some of the incredible benefits of bone broth:

So, next time you want to throw away your Shabbat left-overs, think again.
Here’s an easy bone broth Chulent recipe:

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